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Corporate photographer, Ashley IrvineLocated centrally in Brisbane’s inner suburb of Bowen Hills, ProShots Brisbane specialises in modern and creative corporate photography.


Our relaxed and calm corporate photo studio makes the perfect backdrop for almost any corporate photos. With an open plan layout and plenty of natural light and nearby greenery, we are able to offer our clients a magnitude of background options.


Experienced and knowledgeable corporate photographer, Ashley Irvine, will assist in capturing your perfect photographs. We also have industry-trained makeup artists on hand, so you can be certain that we have the experience and tools on hand to not only meet your job requirements, but exceed them.


What’s more, we only use the highest grade photographic equipment, including top of the line lighting and full-frame professional grade Nikon digital cameras and lenses. We also use colour-calibrated professional monitors for expert retouching.


To learn more about our corporate photography services, please contact us.