Flight Attendant Application Photos

Many airlines — including Qantas and Emirates — now require that those applying to become a flight attendant submit a full length portrait to complete their applications. Some airlines even ask for a headshot as well.

ProShots Brisbane is able to match any airline’s requirements to ensure your cabin crew application is not held back due to incorrect or poorly presented photographs.

We’ve worked with many cabin crew applicants from around Australia who have used their professional images to apply to airlines such as Qantas, Emirates, JAL, Qatar and more.

If you are applying to become a flight attendant either in Australia or overseas, getting professional photos from ProShots Brisbane will ensure your application sets a great, long lasting first impression that might make all the difference to getting your dream job.

Express Package

  • For airlines requiring just one photograph (headshot or full length)
  • Includes one retouched image
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Works Package

  • For airlines requiring two photographs (headshot and full length)
  • Includes two retouched images
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Complete Package

  • For airlines requiring two photographs (headshot and full length)
  • Includes two retouched images
  • Includes fast turnaround if you’re on a deadline
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed